California State Trapshooting Association - CSTA

This Association is affiliated with the Pacific International Trapshooting Association and its purpose shall be to bring the trap shooters of the State of California into a closer relationship and is formed for the purpose of securing and maintaining proper rules and regulations for the enjoyment and development of the sport of trapshooting within the State of California.

2017 California State Shoot will be held on May 25 - 29, 2017 at Coon Creek Trap and Skeet, Lincoln, CA.  We will be g our 81st,  Anniversary at this shoot.  This year’s honoree is Dave Kelly.Dave has been trapshooting for many years and is a fierce competitor.  Dave's focus on the game has earned him many trophies and championships along the way.  More importantly, Dave is willing to share his techniques with other shooters to help build confidence and friendships.  Dave has also given back to the sport in a generous ways.  He has been sponsoring events, advertising, and getting others to pitch in for many years.  Thank you to Dave Kelly or your continued support. We honor you! When you see Dave  this year stop and shake his hand and say ``Thank You” and congratulations as the 2017 honoree

California Trapshooting Association was originally founded in 1915 by Col. O. N. Ford. The Association conducted shoots during this period of time. However, the first official written document dated June 20, 1920, is from Col. O. N. Ford concerning perpetual purses. He was apparently the ex-official President, Secretary and Treasurer until the association was officially organized on July 27, 1935, and C. W.. Wood was elected President and O. N. Ford was elected Secretary.